Salaam Swipe FAQs

Signing in via Facebook

In order to sign in using Facebook, Salaam Swipe must be able to access Facebook.

  • Go into your phone settings
  • Swipe down to Facebook and open it
  • Within the section entitled “Allow these apps to use your account” make sure SalaamSwipe has been toggled on.

Salaam Swipe on Android

We have most certainly not forgotten about Android users. In fact some of the people behind Salaam Swipe use and prefer Android! Keep paying attention as to what’s going on in the world of Salaam Swipe; we will be sharing exciting and important updates as they come, including news of the Android release.

Is Salaam Swipe Halal?

Your faith is important to us. At Salaam Swipe, we want to give you the ability to be matched based on who you are and what you believe. Our app is structured similarly to most Muslim communities (except we’re cutting out the aunties ;)). We are providing you with a tool that allows you to see a picture, read a bio, and have a short conversation before deciding to meet; much like how many Muslim families match their children. All we’ve done is modernized the traditional model. There is indeed some understandable controversy over this, however it is for these reasons that we believe Salaam Swipe is, in fact, “halal”.